Open skies, sheltered streets

Welcome to Crocus Glen, the newly developed Bare Land Strata where you can buy the home you have dreamed of, in the location you have always wanted, at a price that seems too good to be true.

Ownership of your community future comes with the property

What is a Bare Land Strata?

Own your home and your yard + your street and your neighbourhood. This is one of the benefits of owning a strata title. Homeowners in Crocus Glen are the owners of their individual properties and homes but also part of the larger community – the private ring road and the green spaces; only in this way is it similar to a condominium. Bare Land Strata is, in essence, simply a more economical way of owning a home; like any other typical single-family dwelling home within the City of Whitehorse. There are bylaws in the neighbourhood. These are required for any strata development. At Crocus Glen we merely based those on the City of Whitehorse bylaws. As all homeowners in Crocus Glen own their individual homes – inside and out, as well as the lot it sits on. This includes fencing, yard use, decorating, customizing, etc; if it fits within the City bylaws it works in Crocus Glen! Rather than paying the City for garbage collection and snow removal you pay Crocus Glen for those services, bringing your monthly cost within a few dollars of any other City lot.

Recycle Bin
Convenience and control over costs included

Benefits of a Strata include:

  • Lower cost to buy
  • High construction standards across all models
  • Aesthetically pleasing neighbourhood
  • Private maintenance such as street clearing and garbage collection – meaning faster response to these needs
  • High community investment in the neighbourhood
  • Ability to determine direction of neighbourhood
Grocery Store and Pub
Lifestyle within walking distance

Porter Creek: Contemporary homes, vintage location

Welcome home to a new community within a neighbourhood you already know. Crocus Glen’s customizable homes are nestled in Porter Creek, where everything you need is only a short walk away. In Porter Creek, convenience is truly at your doorstep, with a neighborhood you’ve always loved and a home that you’ve always wanted.

Highlights of Porter Creek

  • Great Schools – two Elementary Schools and one High School
  • Highly sought after daycares
  • Abundant trail system
  • Grocery store
  • Convenience stores
  • Local pubs
  • Garden centre
  • Video store
  • Several restaurants
  • Two gas stations
  • On two bus routes
  • Warm, inviting atmosphere
  • Only 15 minutes from downtown